The Jewellery world is filled with a variety of staple pieces. From Curb Chains to Solitaire Rings, there’s an abundance of Jewellery that helps tell a story and mark special occasions.

The Signet Ring is a famed and desired entity. Associated with vintage and modern. With royalty and gangsters. The power and allure of the Signet are almost unrivalled in the vast category of fashionable Jewellery.

After all, the Signet Ring is undeniably versatile! A Signet can come in multiple different shapes, from Oval to Round, Square to Cushion, or even a fancy Heart-Shape. From there, Signets can feature larger or smaller Diamond and other precious Gem-Stones set into the middle of the design. Many Signets are finished with a family crest or engraved design. Some are worn and styled as minimalist and plain.

There’s no right or wrong way to design a Signet. Each method has its pro’s, and you’ll rarely find a con. For example, if your taste is more understated, deciding on a plain Signet ring will still bolster and compliment your overall style. A Signets sleek and smooth appearance supports the ability to stay minimal even with a traditionally wider and heavier ring.

In today’s world of limitless technology, laser-engraving is as advanced as ever. Meaning that should you go down the engraved initials or family crest route, you’ll be able to use any font and typography available across the internet, along with finishing a crest or pattern in excellent style, no matter how complex!

Signet Rings aren’t usually to be stacked. A Ring of this nature is one that looks at its best without other Ring designs attempting to squeeze onto the same finger. This isn’t because of the shaping of the overall Signet, it’s to do with the average widths and gradual increase in width as you ascend into the centre-shape.

Traditionally, Signet Rings are wide. There’s no consistent measurement, and the shape of the centre can affect it further, but a Signet will usually dominate the finger it’s on, rarely allowing space to comfortably fit another piece alongside. For day to day practicality, it’s best not to fight against that!

Browse our selection of Signets today! All of our designs are able to be engraved free of charge, using any font that you may like! If you’re unsure about your correct size, click here to better understand how sizes convert. If you’re interested in purchasing a Signet, but have questions beforehand, feel free to get in contact with us!