Professional Cleaning

Wear and tear happens. It’s natural. We’re hands-on in life and our day to day activities, which means your Jewellery is prone to picking up creams, dirt and sometimes scratches along the way.

Our professional deep cleaning and finishing of Jewellery will restore your precious pieces and bring them back to their sparkling and glimmering self.

Our cleaning and polishing service takes a day to complete.

Cleaning At Home

When you purchase Jewellery at Star, we’ll provide you with a cleaning kit that helps maintain your Jewellery in a professional style.

The Jewellery Wipes kit is perfect for any metal-based Jewellery design such as; Signet Rings, Chains and Wedding Rings. These wipes take off any dirt from the metal as well as give it a shine!

The Diamond Dazzle Stick is perfect for cleaning off any dirt or moisturiser/cream solution that may have made its way onto the Diamond surfaces. It’s far better than a rub with a cloth or the old school recommended way of washing up liquid and a toothbrush. Washing up liquid is just as sticky on a Diamond as any moisturiser can be! Therefore, giving dust and cream a new opportunity to settle onto your precious Diamond surfaces. We recommend the Diamond Dazzle Stick to those of you who wear Diamond Earrings, Diamond Pendants, Diamond-Set Rings and Diamond Engagement Rings.

These care products are great to use in between professional cleaning. They’ll help keep your Jewellery glistening!