Purchasing an Engagement ring can be extremely stressful. Will they like it? Will they say they want to take it back to change it? Will they say no because of it!? Okay, so I highly doubt your loving partner will say no because of a ring. However, let’s help you secure “yes! I love it… and you!”. 

Even as the experienced Jewellers that we are, we don’t have all the answers. We don’t spend every waking moment with you and your partner, so we won’t know all your tastes and preferences, but we can learn and from there recommend styles and designs that may tick many, if not all, boxes! 

Learn your partners’ Jewellery tastes. It’s not absolutely vital (which we’ll touch on in a second) but it will help give you an advantage in your search for the perfect ring to propose with.

Now, I’m definitely not saying go and ask them such forward questions such as; “If I were to buy you an engagement ring, what ring would you like”. Be more subtle. Especially if this is a surprise! Notice what Jewellery they already wear. What colours are the metals or stones that are set? Do they wear a lot of Rose-coloured Gold, Yellow or Silver? Do they like white metals? Is their Jewellery very outgoing and intricate? Or is it minimalist? From there, you have multiple conversation starters and questions! “I love that Rose Gold Pendant, Rose is clearly a favourite?”. Now I know that may sound forced in your head, but it’s about context and timing. When thinking about or reading blogs and articles regarding engagement rings, everything surrounding hints and finding out tastes and preferences will sound forced. 

Timing is the key! Maybe a couples shopping trip will be the perfect place to suddenly notice the Jewellery they’ve always had? Oh yeah, that top is lovely, but does that big Rose Gold Pendant work well with it? Why don’t you get something white to wear with it? The key is downplaying what you say. Like a passing observation that you seem to not really care about. Don’t let onto your big plans! 

Maybe they don’t have any Jewellery to pull these tricks with. That’s fine. Essentially you have a blank canvas. Although, one key thing to bare in mind regarding a person who wears none to extremely little Jewellery, they’re probably after something a little more understated. Think thin, elegant bands. Complementary sized Diamonds that don’t look out of place in the design. Maybe something with a slight twist as it ascends into the Diamond. 

‘Star Jewellers, you haven’t spoken about the Four C’s yet?’. Correct. For the sake of; one thing at a time. 

It’s very easy to get confused when buying something that may be at a higher price point than usual. That holds more importance and sentimental value than the usual. An item that should have proper thought and planning dedicated to its purchasing process. Essentially, you need to move step by step at a pace comfortable for you. We’re able to source any Diamond you’d like. Any quality. Any size. Any shape and cut. The Diamond is usually more expensive than the ring, so this will end up dictating your budget. You may find yourself adjusting the Diamond’s Colour or Clarity to accommodate achieving a bigger centre stone. Or Searching for a slightly smaller centre stone, so you can gain a better Colour and Clarity! 

Colour and Clarity can seriously affect the price of the Diamond, even if you can’t see a difference in quality. We always recommend looking at each individual Diamond carefully before making decisions, but you may just find that you really don’t need to hunt for a perfectly colourless and flawless stone to be happy. These are decisions you will make on your journey. Reading qualities on paper or online won’t really confirm that you can drop some characteristics down and still achieve something beautiful. 

Thinking of visiting us to begin or continue your adventure into the marvellous world of Diamonds? If so, have in mind a budget and design preferences. From there we can help you along the way to finding the perfect engagement ring!