Shining a Spotlight on Gold

What springs to mind when you think ‘Gold’. Elegance? Expensive? Jewellery? Or, all of the above and more? The reality of gold is all of that. Gold is versatile, and that’s what makes it glamorous.

Gold in Jewellery exists at different levels. Usually, Jewellers will stock 9ct Gold to 18ct Gold. Naturally, Gold as a metal is softer than its rival precious metal, Platinum. The less Gold used the stronger the piece of Jewellery. This means 9ct Gold is stronger than 18ct Gold. 24ct Gold may sound extremely luxurious and elusive, but it’s not exactly practical to wear pure Gold unless you’re sitting at home being as inactive as possible. It’s fragile.

Still, 24ct Gold is the most expensive type of Gold Jewellery you can get. Although, who wants to buy Jewellery you can never not worry about?

Jewellery should be practical in its strength and durability, you should be able to wear your Jewellery with peace of mind.

Gold plated Jewellery and Vermeil Jewellery have become more popular over the years due to their competitive pricing for what’s in theory still a piece of Gold Jewellery. However, this style of Jewellery is prone to wearing away. After all, Vermeil may be a slightly heavier plating style of Gold, but it’s still a plating of Gold rather than a piece of Jewellery using it as its base metal. This leads to the possibility of the plating or Vermeil wearing off, to expose its Silver core. This is a headache that doesn’t exist in the 9ct to 24ct Gold world.

At Star, we’re advocators for most levels of Gold. Whether that’s 9ct or 18ct, yellow or white. We provide aftercare services for our Jewellery, which include free polishing and cleaning so that your Jewellery stands the test of time.

9ct Gold is absolutely ideal for those who love their everyday Jewellery and want to wear their precious pieces as much as possible. After all, 9ct is robust and lasting. Maybe you’re slightly more hands-on, and you need your rings to be able to withhold any contact along the way. Maybe you prefer the pricing? 9ct Gold ticks those boxes.

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